Adventurers Brewery.


For this project I had to create a new brand identity for a fictitious brewing company. I had to make assets such as a new logo, brand guideline/identity, as well as promotional pieces and mockups for those pieces. I made this project special by incorporating aspects into their new identity that allows future designers to have a large amount of freedom. The major rule for this rebrand was how colour was used and how it can be contrasted. A personal aspect of this project was the design process for the logo design, this included sketching phases to digital finals.


A challenging element for this project was keeping consistencies in the brand but also creating elements that are more abstract and unique. I wanted the brand to resemble a very fun unique style with designs. But most importantly I wanted future designers to have to fun and create something more personable. I wanted consistencies to be found on different forms of print and digital media. 


To keep everything consistent, I had one major rule when creating future designs and it mainly resembles the colour palette and how it is used. By retaining contrast wether with blue, orange, or dark blue and orange. This helps define the company a little more build recognizability with their target audience. 


Brand Research & Strategy. 

Brand Identity System. 

Product Design & Assets.



Adventurers Brewery Brand Guideline.