Curiosity Magazine.


For this project I had to create a 40 page magazine that included department pages, profiles, and main stories. To make this project special I wanted to utilize my strengths of illustration and layout design. I had replaced all the images to individual illustrations that visually enhance the story. The colouring for the illustrations are monochromatic shades of blue, red, and green. The colours alternate to create clearer direction through the magazine. For example, the beginning of the magazine is blue which indicates stories that revolve around the ocean or rivers.


To begin with a major challenge I had while creating my magazine was deciding the theme for my illustrations. Because I wanted them to be a highlight of my magazine, I wanted to have a sense of coherency with each illustration and colour scheme. Another challenge I had faced was the act of layout designing as a whole, there were some areas that I found really challenging for this. Mainly with the typography, when looking back there are some areas I wish I could exceed beyond my rules and guidelines for the overall design.


To solve my issue with consistency throughout illustrations, I utilized elements such as shape and colour use to make them consistent. By using the colour schemes in a monochromatic way, I could keep the consistency between colour palettes therefore linking the illustrations together. To resolve my layout issue, I worked with resizing and including more illustrations into the design. I also included titles overtop of the illustrations to try and break consistency when needed.


Editorial Design.

Layout Designing.


Print Design.