Gears Website Redesign.


For this project I redesigned the website for Gears, I gathered research on aspects such as a brand identity audit, recommended typography, and a style guide. This project will be used to showcase my skills with UX/UI interfaces. I made this project special by incorporating elements in the design that mimic motion into the design. I also want to remain on track with Gears existing brand identity. I also incorporated peer and instructor feedback to further refine the UX & UI interfaces. I also wanted to create a mobile version of the website design. This redesign has example pages including home page, product search page, and lastly the product page. 


A big challenge I had when creating my website design was how I could showcase all the important information about buying a bike but still keep it minimalistic and organized. I had learned that there is a lot of different elements that goes into purchasing a new bike. Being sure to organize this in a clear way was important. Another challenge I had was keeping the same consistencies with website design to the mobile design, condensing all the information included in the desktop and still having it remain readable and organized was another challenge of this project.  


To resolve my issue of including high levels of information I created detailed filter options when searching for a bike and drop down menus that house key information about the bike. When creating the mobile version I wanted to keep it simple when possible, I utilized drop down menus to house important information. Drop down menus were also included in the filter when searching for items. 


Brand Research & Strategy.

UX/UI Design.

Mobile & Website Design.