Mi Route App Design.


For this project I had created an application design, the app was called Mi Route and was designed to create randomized routes for walking, biking, skate boarding, or jogging. The routes would be randomized in a circle so the user ends their trek at the same place they started. I made this special by utilizing my own experiences of exploring a new neighbourhood and finding good routes to walk my dog. I applied my experiences to the overall project, and expanding on the experience. I wanted the application to make it easier for users to explore their surroundings. 


The main challenge I had when creating this app was deciding how I my layout will look, making the application feel more like an app as opposed to a website was very important. I also wanted the interface to be easy for the user to navigate but also include information such as distance, speed, heart rate, and a timer. Another challenge I had was creating a filter that is applied when creating the randomized route. 


By creating a theme with my layout I could better organize important information for the user when both creating the route and while on the route. I wanted to include trackers for the user to showcase improvements. An example of this is the timer that holds your best time for the user to beat. This creates motivation to do better when walking, jogging, or biking. 


UX/UI Design.

Application Design. 

Colour Theory.