Sweet Tea Rebrand.


For this project I created a new brand identity for a fictitious company called Sweet Tea, this identity was applied into booklet format therefore it can be printed when needed. The booklet include background information on the company, a new brand identity, and the application of that brand identity on mock-ups. I made this project by incorporating a lot of abstract elements into the overall design, as well as utilizing a very saturated set of colour palettes. The brand identity includes elements such as logo design, colours, typography, iconography, and design elements. 


When creating this booklet I had trouble with organizing how the booklet will be organized, for example the user personas were added into the project later in my design process. Applying the brand colours and assets to booklet was another challenge, keeping consistencies that call back to the brand was import to have present in the booklet design and mock-up examples. 


When starting this project I wanted to have all my background elements finished before moving onto the foreground elements of my booklet. This included creating background information on the company and beginning to organize the booklet (without any colours or design elements). I started with the beginning pages of the booklet then moved onto the brand identity and application. After this was completed I then incorporated detailed user personas to get a feel for the target audience. With the background information out of the way I then worked brand elements and branding the booklet. 


Brand Research & Strategy.

Brand Identity System.

Product Design & Assets.